On one side of my clients’ front drive was a muddy track running into their woodland with a selection of aged pink and orange Azaleas. Not the smartest welcome home.

My client wished to keep the access, but it needed to be worthy of a front drive.

I designed a new road of granite setts into the woods with a central planted bed. It is like a smart cart track. Low growing evergreen ferns and perennials fit under the garden equipment coming and going.

Then under the canopy of overhanging trees I used stumps from the clients woods and interplanted them with bulbs, woodland grasses and perennials which could survive the shady woodland location.

Amelanchier lamarkii multi stems and several Magnolia stellata give a little height under the canopy and look fabulous flowering in synch with the Spring carpet of white Narcissi.

Finally, client’s oak leaf ball sculpture gives year round structure and interest nestled among the foliage and uplit at night.