A wonderful space was created by my clients when they converted the buildings around their old farm yard into a home. My job was to turn it from a yard into a garden.

I took advantage of the sloping site by designing a raised courtyard garden. Central steps and a formal arc of planting make a smart welcoming entrance. Grey paving with brick pavers were chosen to sit well with the colours and textures of the brick and flint buildings.

A sunken garden, with reclaimed oak seating, snuggles down at one end of the courtyard surrounded with white lavender making a fragrant spot to socialise or read a book.

The planting is white with acid green and a tinge of pink. Structure and year round interest comes from Box in plinths, balls and low hedges. An arc of Prunus ‘Snowgoose’ adds height, underplanted with repeat flowering white Roses for a smart entrance, whilst a multi stem Acer griseum, with rust coloured bark, complements the orangey Hampshire brick.