This modern house has wonderful views over the Kennet valley and adjoining fields, but suffers from a windy site and a public footpath through the neighbouring field. So privacy and screening was needed, especially for their swimming pool.

Wonderfully, the owners have a number of artworks to incorporate into the design, and not so wonderfully a septic tank to hide.

Trellis around the pool and along the existing crenelated walls gives screening, wind protection and a great backdrop for colourful rose beds. Pleached Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ screen the pool boundary without completely blocking the view, especially with whispy with grasses beneath.

The boundary itself has overlapping small Beech hedges for year round screening, interplanted with grasses and perennials. Three multi stem Amelanchier lamarkii break up the wide vista, but with an open airy canopy.