The whole garden has a light touch but is filled with colour. Gentle banks avoid a wall up close to the house. Box hedging in sinuous curves and swirls along the bank makes a smart evergreen approach but then we placed Roses and perennials between the Box so colour pops out across the seasons.

A new Beech boundary hedge has Prunus sargentii trees along it’s length creating a letterbox view into the garden, and some fabulous autumn foliage colour. There is also room for trees Acer griseum, Carpinus japonica and Cotoneaster cornubia.

My artist client selected some boulders herself which are nestled into the folds of the garden with surrounding planting softening their already worn curves; smart cool blue and white near the house and a jazzy bold pink and orange screening the garden’s utility area.

Raised veg beds give a productive patch and cutting garden, and we’ve squeezed in currants, gooseberries and four fruit trees.

Photos by me and