A new garden space was created when this house was extended. It has wonderful expansive views, but the narrow access from an existing walled garden made the new space feel like an after thought; just an annex.

The design makes the space feel like a garden in it’s own right, linked with a new window in the wall. Great fun to design, the window has an Oak lintel and rusted steel grille, as if it has been there forever. So, you can see from one garden to the next; giving a promise of something beyond.

A new York stone terrace with low surrounding brick walls and brick paver details gives an enclosed entertaining space outside the new drawing room, with gentle blue and white planting amongst structural Box cubes. Along the boundary fluffy white planting softens the transition to the meadows without obscuring the view. Climbing roses will, in time, clothe the new brick extension walls.

Paths of York stone stepping stones through pale gravel give a cottage feel but are edged in metal for longevity. I designed an oak gate to open up the boundary and lead to the meadows, which echoes the house’s oak conservatory.

White flowering crab apples in the lawn add height, with spring blossom and Autumn crabs for seasonal interest. Later this Autumn, espalier fruit trees will be planted either side of the wall window along with hedging to soften the boundaries.